Fever is one of the most common reasons for appointments with a doctor.

Although childhood fever is harmless in most cases, many parents feel insecure and anxious when dealing with fever.

Due to many visits, even short-term ones, pediatricians and adolescent doctors often do not have the time they would like to have basic discussions with the parents. At the same time, many parents often lack important information to take the best possible care of their child. They are not aware, for example, of how to take the right temperature or which symptoms are completely normal and which are worrying. This uncertainty often leads to more medication being administered than is actually necessary.

FeverApp can solve this problem. It gives parents security, helps doctors and improves communication between doctor and parents. At the same time, FeverApp helps parents themselves to correctly observe and document the condition of their child.

The collected information is evaluated by scientists to better understand fever symptoms and to inform parents abd doctors to their findings. In this way, parents are better informed, doctors are supported and children are healthier.

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