Description of FeverApp functions

The FeverApp helps you - and you help research! The FeverApp is your diary for documenting acute infectious diseases, medication intake, symptoms, vaccines and much more for yourself and your family. An Infothek also provides you with education about fever and febrile illnesses based on current guidelines. Use the medication scanner within the app to add medications to your list and keep track of dosage and time taken.

FeverApp Features:

- Creating separate profiles for each family member

- Observing and documenting individual fever events or infections over time

- Documenting symptoms, measures and medications

- Documenting febrile convulsions

- User-friendly scanning of new medications

- Graphical representation of well-being and other information

- Reminder function for temperature measurement

- Receive helpful tips from the companion "Dr. Fee

- Short training videos

- Links to current scientific articles and guidelines on fever

- Extensive infothek provides alternative treatment methods and background knowledge

Important notes:

- To use the FeverApp, you need a family code, which you can get from a cooperating doctor's office or directly from us. You can find more information here.

- The FeverApp itself cannot measure temperature, you need your own thermometer to take a temperature.

- The data entered in the Feverapp is used for a scientific model register, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Available languages: English, German and Russian

Information on data protection in the app-based register can be found here.


Das FieberApp-Register wird von 2019 bis 2024 gefördert vom BMBF


Der Inhalt der App wird evaluiert durch den klinischen Beirat des BVKJ e.V.


Mitglied im wissenschaftlichen Dachverband TMF e.V.