The FeverApp as a tool of a register for fever courses, was developed from mid-2019 to mid-2020 up to version 1.6.
It is available in German, English and Russian and is distributed exclusively by pediatricians and adolescent physicians. Of course we would like to have more languages, for this we would need medically experienced translators who can invest about 1 month of working time. A direct export function of the entries would also be desirable, but for this we also need financial support. We have compared these apps with other similar ones and think that it will be an added value for parents and doctors. We are happy to receive  suggestions! Versions:

Versionen der FeverApp

1.9.6 in Apple Store vom 16. Juli 2021

1.9.5 (in Google und Apple Store) vom 13. Juli 2021

1.7.2 (Google und Apple Store) am 26.10.2020

1.6.6 (nur Apple Store) am 15.7.2020

1.6.5 (nur Google Store) am 2.7.2020

1.5.5 (nur Google Store) am 11.05.2020

1.5.4 (Echt im Store)

1.4.7 (in Stores) - am 16.4.2020

1.4.0 - 1.4.6 (Nur Testsystem)

1.3.6 bis 1.3.8 ( in Stores) - Januar 2020

1.2.0 (nur Testversion) am 6.11.20

1.1.5 (in Stores) ca. Oktober 2019

1.3.1 (nur Testversion) am 19.12.2020

1.1.0 (in Stores) 4.10.2019

1.0.18 bzw. 1.0.19 (in Stores) am 25.8.2019 bzw. 6.9.2019 bei Google

1.0.17 (nur Testversion) am 23.8.2019

1.0.0 (nur Testversion) am 16.8.2019

0.4.0 (nur Testversion) am 9.8.2019

0.3.0 (nur Testversion) am 31.7.2019

Das FieberApp-Register wird von 2019 bis 2024 gefördert vom BMBF


Der Inhalt der App wird evaluiert durch den klinischen Beirtat des BVKJ e.V.
Link auf Beirat.


Mitglied im wissenschaftlichen Dachverband TMF e.V.