Here you can find our history as well as current dates and publications about the project:


  • 2017: Prof. Dr. David Martin and Prof. Dr. Ekkehart Jenetzky apply to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and develop the idea of developing the FeverApp as a model registry.
  • 2018: An application is prepared, submitted to the BMBF and approved.
  • 2019: The app is developed and can be validated in special study practices and tested for safety and efficacy. This will require a random family code provided exclusively by participating practices.
  • 2020: The app is to be released to the public at a symposium at Witten/Herdecke University.
  • 2021: Publication of first scientific reports, various statistics ("FeverStats") and a distribution map ("FeverMap").


Das FieberApp-Register wird von 2019 bis 2024 gefördert vom BMBF


Der Inhalt der App wird evaluiert durch den klinischen Beirat des BVKJ e.V.
Link auf Beirat.


Mitglied im wissenschaftlichen Dachverband TMF e.V.