Here you can find our history as well as current dates and publications about the project:


  • 2017: Prof. Dr. David Martin and Prof. Dr. Ekkehart Jenetzky apply to the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and develop the idea of developing the FeverApp as a model registry.
  • 2018: An application is prepared, submitted to the BMBF and approved.
  • 2019: The app is developed and can be validated in special study practices and tested for safety and efficacy. This will require a random family code provided exclusively by participating practices.
  • 2020: The app is to be released to the public at a symposium at Witten/Herdecke University.
  • 2021: Publication of first scientific reports, various statistics ("FeverStats") and a distribution map ("FeverMap").


Das FieberApp-Register wird von 2019 bis 2024 gefördert vom BMBF


Der Inhalt der App wird evaluiert durch den klinischen Beirat des BVKJ e.V.


Mitglied im wissenschaftlichen Dachverband TMF e.V.